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Last Updated: July 22, 2011

Gregg/Captain:  40-something. Originally from Lisle, IL.  Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from University of Iowa, Masters in Business Administration from University of Connecticut.  Sailing around the world has been Gregg's life-long dream.  While that won't be happening aboard Mirasol, he has thoroughly enjoyed exploring the US East Coast south to Grenada.

Jen/Admiral:  40-something.  Originally from Lake Geneva, WI.  Bachelors in Engineering-Computer Science from University of Colorado.  Having always loved travel and photography, Jen thought living on a boat sounded like a good idea.

Quinn/Swab:  7.  Born in Barrington, IL, on July 19, 2005.  Home-schooled.  Likes living on the boat, hashing, snorkeling, Legos, doing art projects, and asking "why?". 

We lived aboard Mirasol from July 25, 2008 through May 27, 2012.  We chose a catamaran mostly for its stability, roominess, and comfortable living space.  We moved ashore to go back to work (and school for Quinn) and have chosen Williamsburg, VA, as our new home.


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