Hi.  My name is Quinn.  I'm 6 years old.  I have lived on a catamaran for almost 4 years.  The picture is of my room - it is in the starboard hull.

Living on a boat is fun because I meet different people and see different places and sometimes the same places, too.  I get to play with kids from the different islands and the US.  I get to open coconuts and drink out of them and eat them.  I get to go snorkeling and swimming with sea turtles. I also get to see lizards, rays,  waterfalls, palm trees, pineapple plants, beaches, pretty houses. 

My favorite things to do are:

  • go fishing

  • play with kids

  • art projects

  • snorkel

  • try different foods

  • drive the boat and the dinghy

  • sit in the hammock & read

  • take pictures

  • play Nintendo

  • hashing

My favorite holidays are:

  • Christmas

  • Halloween

  • My birthday

  • Easter

  • New Year's

  • Independence Day

My favorite food is:

  • Ice Cream








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